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Oniracom is more than just a marketing firm, they are a home-grown company that understands the emotional connection between consumer and brand.

The organization has been a solid supporter of the Lobero’s expansion into the wild world of social networking, and thanks to their actionable intelligence, our marketing team has been able to implement a streamlined dashboard tailored to their day-to-day operations.

Oniracom got their start on the road as they toured with acoustic surf-pop legend Jack Johnson, managing merchandise and fan engagement. Thus, their ideology is rooted in the environmental and humanitarian causes that Johnson symbolizes and communicates through his music. Eventually, as the company outgrew the tour bus, it expanded into branding and brand strategy backed by proprietary data research tools.

The company has increased its scope to support many types of business since their 2001 beginnings. Over the years Oniracom has helped brands tell their story and connect with their audiences through a variety of services. Using data to inform strategic effective marketing, their capabilities include Actionable Intelligence™, strategic planning, engagement marketing and creative production.

Even in with their expansion, they have stayed true to their roots, and involvement in supporting musicians and live music performance has continued to be a strong focus of their work. This shines through in their collaboration with the Lobero.

In the wake of covid-19 and recognizing the need for connection, Oniracom built out their media production services. A new media studio facilitates photoshoots, video shoots, voice over recordings, podcast production and live stream broadcasts in accordance with new health guidelines to enable content production even while we are more physically distant.

“It continually amazes us how the close-knit and cozy team at the Lobero can crank out over 200+ shows in a normal calendar year. This year has been anything but normal, but they’ve remained unceasingly focused on their partners, supporters, & community. ” – Oniracom Team

The team regularly attends many of our shows, promoting them on social media and other channels.  Oniracom has been the featured sponsor for shows like Graham Nash, Leo Kottke and David Crosby. Oniracom serves businesses and non-profits alike by offering their unique blend of actionable intelligence, strategic planning, creative production, and engagement marketing. They have been an avid supporter of the Lobero as a corporate sponsor for three years, and continue to support the Lobero with data-backed advertising strategies and digital platform support.

Oniracom uses the elephant to represent their principles.

“Like the great pachyderm, we continually carve out new trails. We never forget lessons learned along the way and pass this wisdom to clients. And when barriers emerge in the new frontiers of our digital age, we aren’t afraid to use our tusks to push them aside.”

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