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Honey bees are essential workers. They pollinate plants and make our food grow. Without them, mammals would all starve. And as we all know, a wonderful by-product of all their hard work is their delicious honey!

A few weeks ago, our technical director, Todd Jared, discovered a hive living in the walls of one of our dressing rooms inside the theater. Due to our long stretch of inactivity, the bees found a cozy quiet place in the ceiling to start their hive. Rather than exterminate them, Todd called in Super Bee Rescue to… well… come to the rescue.

Nick Wigle, owner of Super Bee Rescue is a beekeeper, farmer, and environmentalist.

“As an environmentalist, the thing that drives me is trying to save the world, one bee at a time.”

Nick loves the challenge of rescuing bees in odd and out of the way places — he claims it keeps his job fun and interesting. The motto at Super Bee Rescue is “Bee Safe,” which reflects their dedication to keeping both individuals and bees safe. They do not exterminate bees or use any pesticides of any kind.

Nick has been doing this work so long that his hands are always covered in beeswax, helping the bees sense him as one of their own and behave with docility to his touch. The bees are vacuumed from whatever space they are being moved from without hurting them, and are vacuumed straight into a new hive so that once they’re scooped up, they’re already home. Nick and his team also use smoke to calm the bees while moving them from place to place.

As a certified Green Business, the Lobero is dedicated to supporting sustainable practices that are kind to the earth. However, we never thought that it would include housing a beehive! We were delighted to work with Nick and the Super Bee Rescue team.

Nick’s hope is that our entire community will support professional live bee removal instead of extermination so that we can protect our food sources. To find out more about bees, beekeeping and safe bee removal contact Super Bee Rescue for more information.