Santa Barbara Zoo presents

IMPROVology featuring Impro Theatre

Part 2 of a 3-part series
Thursday, February 20, 8 PM
Lobero Theatre

About the Event

IMPROVology, the Santa Barbara Zoo’s comedy show is now at the Lobero Theatre. Since 2015, sold-out shows at the Zoo have proved audiences are “batty” about this mashup of wildlife talks with improvisational theatre.

“We’ve outgrown our nest,” says Zoo CEO Rich Block, “not unlike California condor chicks who soar for the first time. But a lot funnier.”

At IMPROVology, animal experts are interviewed live on stage. Comedy skits, songs, and silliness based on the talk are created on the spot by members of L.A.’s Impro Theatre, accompanied by live music. Audience participation is encouraged.

At the Lobero debut show, Dr. Tara Stoinski of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund revealed that gorilla poop is “like gold” to researchers, who use it for genetic tests, among other things, and that gorillas pass gas – a lot of gas.

The actors turned this into a Shakespearean tragedy starring an eloquent, yet flatulent, male gorilla (with sound effects) confronting a human tracker wanting his poop. The gorilla’s mate, worried genetic testing will reveal he’s not their child’s true father, cries “Out! Out, damn tracker!”

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Joseph Brandt explained that he often rappels into remote cliffside nests of endangered California condors to check if newly laid eggs are fertile.

In the skit, actors produced a large condor puppet who confronts a researcher, then flirts with him. He ends up sitting on the egg, the condor on his shoulder. “You aren’t going anywhere, buddy,” cracks the condor. “I need a babysitter.”

“Only in an IMPROVology show can California condors be comical and gorillas produce giggles… and gas,” adds Block.

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Part 2 of a 3-part series


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