Ghostlight Society

It’s a theatrical tradition dating back to Shakespeare’s Old Globe…

After the curtains have fluttered shut, the audience has shuffled out and the last of the costumes have been draped back on the rack, the house lights go dark.

But one lamp glows through the night.  Every night.


A bare bulb atop a rudimentary pole, it stands at center stage, lit by the last person to leave the theater each night and extinguished by the first to arrive in the morning.  Though stark in stature and artless in form, the ghostlight fulfills many functions . . . some practical, some supernatural.

Here in Jose Lobero’s historic playhouse, though, the ghostlight burns with an even greater purpose: inspiration.  For 135 years, thought the leanest times and grandest evenings, the lamp has cast a warm glow over our intimate stage.  It’s a beacon for the muses of drama, dance and music – a spark of brilliance to keep creative spirits company from curtain-down to curtain-up.

The strong and steady support of the Lobero Ghostlight Society will illuminate our behind-the-scenes efforts and – like the steadfast bulb at center stage – keep our vibrant theatre from ever going dark.

Members of the Ghostlight Society enjoy the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed Priority Seating to all Lobero Live shows
  • Invitation to pre-and post-show events
  • Invitation to meet the artists
  • Option to underwrite individual shows.
  • Recognition in Backstage at the Lobero as an Annual Fund leader.
  • Access to the Lobero Ghostlight “ticket hotline.”
  • Invitation to the annual Ghostlight Society special event on the Lobero stage.

For more information about our Ghostlight Society, please contact Jim Dougherty at 805.679.6005 or