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Lobero LIVE, KTYD and Pandaman presents

Go To Hale: Quips & Clips

Six Decades of Music
Saturday, March 18, 2023 at 6:52 PM
Lobero Theatre

About the Event

Celebrating 60 years of music in honor of the Lobero Theatre’s 150th Anniversary! Thousands of engaging live performances have taken place at the historic Lobero Theatre. In recognition of this monumental anniversary, Quipster Hale Milgrim (former President/CEO of Capitol Records) and music lover Richard Salzberg (aka Music Maniac), are crafting a very special program culled from their respective archives, showcasing live and sometimes rare concert clips from a wide variety of artists. The unifying theme of these inspiring and iconic musicians from the 1960s to present is that they have all played on the Lobero stage at some point in their careers. Proceeds support live music at the Lobero Theatre.


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Ticket Information

$25 - General Admission

(Ticket prices include a per ticket Lobero Facility Fee; other fees may also apply.)

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This event is presented by Lobero LIVE, KTYD and Pandaman