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On April 17, 1926, The Lobero Theatre welcomed the London String Quartet.

The Lobero’s grand opening was held in 1924, making the new theater an enticing destination on the west coast, welcoming distinguished acts from across the pond.

The London String Quartet was a string quartet founded in London in 1908, and remained one of the leading English chamber groups into the 1930’s making several well-known recordings. The Quartet was one of the most famous actively touring groups active in America at that time.

“When such artists play, as the London String Quartet, one wishes that no ballroom walls would close them in. One wishes that those doors might be flung wide open to every ear to hear, and to every heart to beat its response.”

Research suggests that the Quartet may have made a stop at the Lobero on a West Coast tour which included a stop in Pasadena, recorded here.

While we wait in the wings for things to return to normal, we hope you enjoy a peek into the Lobero archives.

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