Lobero Theatre Loves Olive Trees

Lobero Theatre Foundation is saddened by the loss of iconic olive tree, but looks forward to Encore: Lobero enhancements

The Lobero Theatre Foundation Board and Staff were saddened yesterday with the removal of an 89-year-old olive tree in order to complete the larger scope of the Encore: Lobero preservation work. Acting as stewards of the historic Lobero Theatre, the decision-making process included input from the city’s Building Department, Arborist, Historic Landmarks Commission, and the Pearl Chase Society.

Encore: Lobero is a $7 million capital campaign undertaken by the Lobero Theatre Foundation Board of Directors for preservation and maintenance work including new seats, improved air flow, expanded restrooms, and ADA compliance upgrades to make the theatre viable for live performances for many years to come.

The Lobero Theatre Foundation Board loves this theatre as much as our fans, and has spent time and resources researching alternative solutions over the last two years. The Lobero olive tree was infected with a fungus, Verticillium wilt, which has been deteriorating the tree from the inside out. Given its delicate condition and impressive size, boxing and removing the large tree would have been impossible without sustaining further damage. Similarly it was determined that the new site work required to meet accessibility requirements would irreversibly damage the roots. We are exploring the possibility of planting mature olive trees that are more resistant to the fungus in their place.

Encore: Lobero continues 140-year tradition of the care and support of the Lobero Theatre from people in the community, including hundreds of donors and an all-volunteer Board of Directors. For more information, visit LovetheLobero.com.


2 thoughts on “Lobero Theatre Loves Olive Trees

  1. Lynn Williams on said:

    I knew when I saw the plans the beautiful old tree in front was going to be taken down..it hurt me deeply..I think there was a way to save it..If they had felt as deeply about it as I did..it was more inportant than any “plans”. The “fungus” could have been treated..

    • angie on said:

      Thanks for taking the time to make your comment Lynn, it means a lot to us that the Lobero means that much to you. We have good news to add to the statement above — we’ll be planting a new, mature, fungus-resistant Olive tree in its place. We hope the new tree will flourish during the next 140 years in the life of the Lobero Theatre.

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