La Playa Azul Cafe

La Playa Azul specializes in Mexican Seafood and traditional dishes inspired by chef Ignacio Elias.
Sip a premium Patron Margarita on our lovely patio or in our charming restaurant. Our specialties include “Callo de Acha” Scallops sauteed with garlic,pickled jalapenos, onions,tomatoes and salsa verde, “Tacos de Pescado” two halibut tacos served with roasted tomato-jalapeno salsa,crema roja,pico de gallo,and finely shredded cabbage,seasoned with fresh lime juice or “Pescado en Salsa Verde” halibut sauteed to perfection with olive oil,tomatillo salsa, garlic, onion, cilantro and green olives – along with other seafood and traditional entrees. Join us today! Buen Provecho!