Great Volunteer opportunities! Be a part of exciting performances with familiar & friendly faces. Volunteer today to be an Usher for the Lobero Theatre (contact the House Manager).

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Contact Info
Daniel Ramirez
House Manager
Lobero Theatre
Phone: (805) 966-4946 ext 617
Fax: (805) 962-4857



Usher Responsibilities

Hello and thank you for volunteering for the Lobero Theatre. Please read the following carefully, as they entail all duties performed by ushers. > Click to download the full list.

  • Dress Code:
    Ladies – black dress pants or skirt, black close-toe shoes, black jacket, and a white blouse.
    Gentlemen – black dress pants, black blazer or suit, black socks, black shoes, and a white shirt.
    EXCEPTION: Sings Like Hell shows require blue jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and a jean jacket (optional); this applies to both ladies & gentlemen.
  • Bring a working flashlight to every show to help with seating patrons.
  • Arrive one (1) hour &15 minutes before the scheduled show time. (Ex. 8pm show time,arrive at 6:45pm) Remember to allow time for parking especially on holidays & weekends. If you are late three (3) times, you will not be allowed to usher for a month.
  • Upon arrival, sign-in on the usher sheet, and read and initial the Lobero Theatre emergency information. Pick up a badge and record your badge number on the usher sheet. Badges are to be turned in at the end of every show.
  • Assemble & stuff program inserts, if needed, and distribute to each aisle.
  • Forty-five (45) minutes before each show time, the House Manager will hold a meeting discussing opening time, late-seating process, emergency procedures, usher station assignments, and when ushers can take their seats.
  • If there is any duplicate seating, examine all the tickets to confirm the date, time of show, and aisle location are all correct (T and I, E and F, P and R tend to look similar). If all are the same, then take all the tickets to the House Manager.
  • When lights are dimmed in the house, close the inner aisle curtains and follow any late-seating procedures for that show.
  • Photography and video cameras are never allowed. If you do see one, immediately go to the individual and ask them to stop, explaining why. If you cannot find them inform the House Manager where the flashes are appearing. Never argue with a patron; remain calm and inform the House Manager of any difficulties.
  • Do not take a seat until the time directed by the House Manager. Always get up for late-comers if you are in their assigned seats, and do not cross over any patrons to take a seat. No seating in center aisles.
  • Side aisle ushers are to remain (sitting when applicable) along the aisle to easily access the doors for intermission. During intermission, all ushers are to move to their assigned doors to watch for any food, drink and smoking. Remember you are on duty through the entire length of the performance. You must remain in your uniform with your badges on, leaving coats, handbags, hats, etc. in the Usher Closet until you leave.
  • In case of emergency, such as fire or power outage, proceed to your door and open it. Turn on your flashlight, and calmly direct patrons to the exits; direct them to gather in the Lobero Building parking lot across the street on Anacapa Street. For medical emergencies, try to assess the situation (ex: not breathing, loss of consciousness, no pulse, throwing-up, etc.) and report to the House Manager as soon as possible. Be prepared to call 911 if so directed.
  • Remember to always be polite and gracious to our patrons, and be attentive and helpful to any special ability needs (wheelchairs, walkers, canes, etc.) The Ushers passing out programs are responsible for placing the wheelchair assistance board for easier access to the edge of the aisle. Please do so during intermission and after the performance as well.
  • Always put your best foot forward, have a smile, and make visiting the Lobero Theatre a professional and grand experience for our patrons. Never put a patron on the defensive, even if they are being unreasonable; be highly diplomatic and get the House Manager if there are any problems. Do not argue with patrons.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you all!