Tech Rider

Lobero Theatre Foundation stage crew members are professional theatrical technicians. The following rules are strictly adhered to for the protection of both workers and performers.

Responsibilities of Lobero Theatre Technical Director:

  1. Operation of Lobero Theatre equipment is at the discretion of the Technical Director.
  2. To obtain technical information or to review equipment and services, an appointment is required. The Technical Director’s schedule varies greatly from week to week. Please call (805) 966-4946 ext. 614 for an appointment.
  3. The Lobero Technical Director has the right to determine staffing for each event and will hire employees for each stage job as needed.
  4. The Lobero Theatre Technical Director must approve any construction or painting to be done in any part of the Lobero Theatre.
  5. All photography, audio and video taping must be approved by the Lobero Technical Director prior to such activity.

Responsibilities of Licensee:

  1. Storage space is not available before or after your event. The theatre has no storage spaces. Nothing can be left in the theatre for later pick up without prior arrangement. Everything must go out during your strike. The Lobero cannot be responsible for any equipment left after that day.
  2. Licensee must appoint a representative to set crew calls with the Lobero Technical Director, sign for equipment and be responsible for Licensee’s production members not employed by the Lobero Theatre. Complete advanced planning and notice help avoid problems.
  3. Licensee must provide the Lobero Technical Director with work/rehearsal schedule two weeks prior to move-in. Failure to provide such schedule information may result in dramatically increased labor costs due to the inability to efficiently schedule labor.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to leave the Theatre in the condition in which it was found. Any damage or alteration will be charged against the Licensee’s deposit.

Fire Safety:

  1. The Technical Director requires notice concerning the use of, and safety precautions taken for, any unusual scenic elements: special lighting fixtures, flash pots, high elevation platforms, scenery rigged to fly, and the like. If scenic elements arrive at the theatre and are deemed unsafe, they will not be allowed to go on “as is”. It is the responsibility of the renter to repair them.
  2. Fire and smoke effects are not allowed in the theatre without the written approval of the Santa Barbara Fire Department and the Lobero Theatre Technical Director prior to the event. Firearms, live explosions and laser also require prior approval.
  3. All drapes must have approved flame-proofing applied before loading into the Lobero Theatre.
  4. Fire laws require that there be no obstructions of any kind in the audience seating area, aisles, exit doors or hallways when an audience is in attendance. Platforms, cameras or other obstructions may be allowed in restricted areas where audience seating can be roped off and a safe exit for patrons provided.

General Information:

  1. The Lobero Theatre is technically a “road house,” i.e. all shows coming in should be totally self-contained.
  2. The stage floor and walls may not be painted. Accepted stage screws and nails may be used at the discretion of the Technical Director.
  3. Audience seats may be removed with the permission of the Lobero Technical Director, Executive Director and Box Office Manager.
  4. Children are to be kept under close supervision since the stage is potentially dangerous at all times.
  5. No one is allowed in the theatre without the presence of a member of the Lobero Theatre staff.
  6. The Lobero Theatre does not supply tools or supplies for your production. Licensee should bring own tools and supplies (gel, tape, nails, screws, rope, hammer, wrenches, etc.).
  7. Use of the stage for receptions requires approval of the Technical Director and the Executive Director. The Lobero Rehearsal Hall and Courtyard are available for small receptions subject to availability and a rental charge.
  8. Loading and unloading of scenery can be done at the Anacapa Street loading door.